Dr. Pramod Bhor is a Fellowship-trained Orthopaedic Surgeon with further sub-specialist training in Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery, making him a leading Knee Replacement Surgeon in Navi Mumbai.

Dr. Bhor specializes in robotic knee replacement surgery as well as knee resurfacing surgery. He stays at the forefront of medical technology, utilizing the latest advances and employing modern, proven effective surgical techniques to provide top-notch care for his patients.

What sets Dr. Bhor apart is his commitment to innovation. He is the sole surgeon in Navi Mumbai offering the technologically advanced Robotic Knee Replacement with an Automatic Arm. This groundbreaking technology enhances precision and outcomes, and Dr. Bhor is dedicated to making it accessible to his patients.

If you’re seeking a Knee Replacement Surgeon in Navi Mumbai who combines expertise, innovation, and personalized care, Dr. Pramod Bhor is your trusted choice. Contact him today for a consultation and discover the cutting-edge options available for your knee health.